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Your sewer line carries all of the water used in your homes sinks, toilers, and showers to either you municipal treatment system or your private septic system. Ensuring that this drain system is working is critical, and damage can cause major issues from odors and slow drains to flooding and home damage.

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Repairing or replacing a sewer line is definitely not something any homeowner should attempt to do themselves.

  • Permitting: A permit is usually required from your Kent County or city government, without which you could incur serious fines.
  • Other Utilities: Your home and neighbors are likely served by cable and utility lines that are also buried underground. Identifying these existing systems, and preventing damage to them is critical in any drain work.
  • Community Sewage Lines: Proper connection to you community sewage lines requires licensed and experience professionals to ensure that both your home and your community pipe systems are installed properly.
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Sewer Line Damage Issues

You sewer line can be impact by a blockage, or by actual damage to the piping. Grease, waste, paper, and foreign objects can build up and block sewer lines. Often blockages can be eliminated by our hydro jetting services.

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Causes of Sewer Line Damage

In addition to blockages, your drain system can be compromised by degradation of your drain pipe system itself. Problem that can occur include:

  • Sewer Line Breaks: Your sewer line can crack or break. This can be caused by frozen ground, shifting soils, or heavy equipment moving over the lines.
  • Improper original installation: You sewer line needs to be installed properly. It utilizes gravity and relies on a proper pitch to ensure that water and sewer materials move smoothly.
  • Tree Root Damage: Roots from nearby trees and plants can make their way into the sewer causing obstructions and back-ups.

Kent County Sewer Line Repair

When you sewer piping isn't draining properly, you need a reliable sewer repair contractor to evaluate the problem and provide fast, affordable options for resolving it. Since 1996, Affordable Plumbing has offered Comstock Park homeowners and businesses comprehensive sewer repair services.

  • Video Inspection: Our plumbing professionals can utilize our fiber optic camera system to inspect you sewer line, find the exact location of the problem, and evaluate solutions without having to dig.
  • Dig-Free Repair Options: In some instances, we can effectively repair your sewer line without having to dig-up your yard.
  • Sewer Line Replacement: Sometime the best solution will be to replace your old sewer line with a new, properly installed one. We have the experience and equipment necessary to professional replace your sewer line rapidly, without causing unnecessary damage to you home or yard.