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Affordable Plumbing's licensed plumbers are water leak specialists for all kinds of leaks. Pipes buried within the walls that could slowly be leaking and build up over time causing damage. For both indoor and outdoor water line leaks, and even partial or whole-house pipe replacement call Affordable Plumbing for fast, professional plumbing service.

Water Leak Detection

Affordable Plumbing technicians are trained to find the water leak and fix it quickly and efficiently. Older homes built before mid-1996 may require a complete re-piping. Let us provide an inspection and estimate.

Water Filtration
  • Indoor Pipe Leaks: Indoor pipe leaks are usually detected when the homeowner sees water under sinks or around the toilet or notices water damage in these areas. Sometimes leaks are not detected until damage has already been done in surrounding areas and the homeowner sees discoloration or water spots on walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Indoor Faucet Leaks: All kinds of faucets including bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and shower faucets are susceptible to leaks over time. Internal parts of the faucets break down due to age, wear and often, in Kent County, from poor water quality including high levels of hardness in the water.
  • Outdoor Faucet Leaks: Outdoor faucets are very handy for tasks such as gardening or washing your car, but a leaking outdoor faucet can cause serious water damage, not to mention a higher water bill.
  • Water Pipe Re-Piping: Many Kent County homes and businesses were built prior to 1995, and if so may contain polybutylene piping. Polybutylene water pipe should be replaced because it has been identified as a cause of leaks and water damage, and is no longer acceptable by all area building codes.

Leak Detection and Repair Specialists

At Affordable Plumbing, we can help you with any leak repairs, and we specialize in pipe supply replacement. Call us today for leak repair or pipe replacement services.

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