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Your home's or businesses tankless water heater is a powerhouse at providing comfortability all year long - winter, summer, spring and fall. Affordable Plumbing is your local tankless water heating installation, repair and maintenance specialist here in the Comstock, MI area. We've been serving the residents here in Comstock with affordable tankless water heating services for over 25 years, and our team of expert technicians can help with tankless repair and maintenance for all makes and models.

We feature tankless models from Bradford White and Rheem for customers seeking new tankless installations or a tankless water heater as a replacement system. We are proud to offer 24 / 7 emergency repair services, so that means you can call Affordable Plumbing any time of day or night when you have a problem with your tankless heater. Call Affordable Plumbing today in Comstock if you need repair, maintenance or a new efficient tankless water heater installation!

Is Your Tankless Water Heater On The Fritz?

Each year, a member of our service team at Affordable Plumbing arrives on a tankless water heater repair call only to discover that the problem was a simple fix that many owners could have handled. If you have a gas-powered tankless water heater, and it isn't working properly, check these things before calling us may save you time and money:

Water heater repair and installation.
  • Power Supply: Does the tankless water heater have electricity? Tankless water heaters require power to operate, so make sure your unit has electricity.
  • Fuel Supply? How are your LP or propane levels? It's critical to make sure every tankless water heater at home has an ample supply of gas and the manual shut-off on the unit is on.
  • Venting: If your tankless water heater is vented outside of the building, is the vent unobstructed by snow, ice, or other debris?
  • Condensation Disposal: : Newer condensing tankless water heaters produce water as a by-product of combustion that needs to be properly drained away from the unit and vent system. If you have a condensing tankless unit, make sure the condensate drain is clear and working properly.
  • Inline Filter: Most tankless water heating devices have an inline water filter in the cold water supply line into the heater.
  • Minimum Water Flow Rate: Do you have a minimum hot water stream rate? Most tankless units require a hot water stream rate of between 0.2 and 0.7 gallons per minute to turn on. Ensure that your water heater has a high flow rate enough to get the tankless unit working into action.
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Expert Tankless Repair In Comstock

The most common problems with tankless water heaters are caused by improper installation, or poor maintenance. Affordable Plumbing knows the joy that a properly installed and serviced tankless water heater can bring. We’ve also seen and overcome each and every conceivable tankless water heating problem, and we’re ready to help you if your tankless water heater starts giving you trouble.

Tankless water heaters offer great efficiency and endless hot water, whether in residential or commercial applications. However they are technically advanced. Properly maintaining tankless water heaters, regardless of brand, requires extensive training, parts support, and years of experience. Affordable Plumbing offers service for all brands and models of tankless water heaters including Bosch, Navien, Rinnai, Noritz and more. Modern tankless water heater service problems include:

  • Scale build-up causing reduced efficiency and capacity
  • Clogged or restricted inlet filters
  • Intermittent flame failures cause by gas pressure problems
  • Block or obstructed air inlet or venting
  • Improper condensation or condensation leakage
  • Unacceptable or changes wait times for hot water
  • Variable outlet water temperatures often cased by pressure balance issues

New Tankless Heater Installations

Sometimes it makes sense to replace your old, outdated water heater with something more efficient and more effective. Tankless water heaters are great choices for homeowners doing new builds or those looking to increase their utility efficiency and lower their energy bills. At Affordable Plumbing we feature high-efficiency tankless heaters from both Bradford White and Rheem. These companies have been industry leaders in the water heating service industry for decades, and you can't beat their tankless heaters. Call us today for a free quote or to learn more about our tankless heater options.

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