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Do you need excavation work, drain field repair, or sewer line installation for your home here in Comstock? Affordable Plumbing can perform your sewer line repair or installation, drain field service and repair or emergency excavations. Weve been in business for over 25 years as a family owned and operated company, serving the residents here in Comstock. Affordable Plumbing has the skills and tools for emergency excavation and trenching with the experience to do it right and safely the first time. Large or small, the skilled technicians at Affordable Plumbing have the knowledge to help you navigate your project.

Sewer Line Installation & Emergency Repairs

Your sewer line is vital for your home. It carries all of the waste-water from your sinks, toilets, and showers to either your municipal treatment plant or your home's private septic system. If you are experiencing problems with your drain system, your sewer line could cause major issues for your drains and drain field. Our team at Affordable Plumbing is equipped with the right equipment to handle your sewer line maintenance, repair and new installation needs. If your sewer line is experiencing a blockage, we will use hydro-jetting to eliminate the blockage, which uses water under pressures up to 4,000 PSI to scour your line and remove any debris obstructing the line.

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Drain Field Repairs and Service

If you are experiencing problems with the drain field at your home, you should contact us right away. Our highly experienced technicians can do a thorough evaluation of your drain field and the current issue, and we can give a quote for the service needed. With our excavation equipment and excavation experience we can handle your drain field repair or rejuvenation large or small. We've been in business here in Comstock for over 25 years, and we always put customer service first. Get in touch with Affordable Plumbing today for drain field repair or rejuvenation services.

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Video Camera Pipe Inspection & Detection Tools

Unclogging a sewer can be difficult. In many cases, it’s not the problem itself that’s hard to identify, but where it occurs. At Affordable Plumbing we utilize video camera pipe inspection to specifically locate the source of an issue so that our technicians can unblock it quickly. Plumbers who are unskilled or have been doing their jobs for years and have not acquired these modern tools will waste hours digging into your yard looking for the source of the issue.

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Residential Drain Cleaning Services

Our insured and licensed plumbers possess the knowledge and tools needed to unclog your drains fast. We can use video equipment to spot the trouble and drain snakes to remove debris that is clogging your drain:

  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  • Shower/Tub Drains
  • Kitchen Sink Drains
  • Kitchen Disposal Drains
  • Garage or Floor Drains