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Affordable Plumbing/files/ap-logo.jpg$616-647-27901518 Steele Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI
Affordable Plumbing/files/ap-logo.jpg616-647-2790$1518 Steele Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI starstarstarstar 4.2 / 5 | 14 Total Reviews

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Affordable Plumbing/files/ap-logo.jpg$1518 Steele Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI 616-647-2790"We called due to a leak in our laundry room not knowing where it was coming from. They sent Gabriel out the next day. He was very nice and determined it was a pipe behind the water softener. He fixed the pipe and there was water still leaking from somewhere else on the water softener. He stated to figure out where the water was coming from and to give them a call back later and they can "possibly" fix it. Then charged us $200.00 for the job. I'm confused because there is still a leak that needs to be fixed. There is still water on our floor, the problem hasn't been fixed. Then to tell my husband to figure it out and give them a call back and they could "possibly" fix it, isn't that your job to determine where the problem is? I understand if you need help and aren't to sure but at least do your job and make some calls and ask for someone is knowledgeable on water softeners to come out and help. I called a few hours later after my husband told me what happened. I spoke with a manager and she stated she could send someone else on Monday July 5th to fix it and that they are aware how to fix it. An appointment with Taylor was scheduled at that time and a confirmation text was sent to me. Well Monday July 5th no one showed up during the scheduled time frame. I called and spoke with a receptionist who had a gentleman by the name of William contact me. He stated that an appointment was never scheduled so the plumber scheduled was not aware they had to be there and he scheduled another appointment for the next day July 6th. On July 6th the same plumber that we were scheduled with for July 5th, Taylor, showed up around 830am, came in, took a photo of the water softener and left. He was very short and seemed to be very irritated. He stated he would give us a call back later that day once they determined what to do. We have not heard from anyone from that office since. We ended up getting a new water softener, installing it ourselves. The level of confusion, miscommunication, and lack of professionalism is why I am rating this business as a whole with 1 star. It was not all Gabriel's fault but the business as a whole."
from , MI on July 8th, 2021
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