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When there are large build ups of debris in water pipes or in sewer drain lines, often times chemicals or ‘snake’ type devices aren’t enough to clear everything out. In these cases we use a stream of very high pressure water to clear out drain pipes, sewers, or any sort of drainage pipe system.

Video insepction services

Video Camera Pipe Inspection & Detection Tools

Often times it’s not repairing a sewer line problem that’s hard, but finding it. That’s why Affordable Plumbing provides video camera pipe inspection to accurately detect the location of a clog or other problem. Without these modern tools you could spend hours digging up your sewer line trying to find the source of the problem. You won’t have that problem when you call Affordable Plumbing.

Drain cleaning services

High-Tech Sewer Equipment

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning (Hydro Jet) is a sewer cleaning process that uses water under high pressure (up to 4000 PSI). This special system is designed to literally scour the walls of pipes. Jetting works on various types and sizes of pipe, including storm and sewer drain systems.

Unlike drain snakes, which just cuts a hole in the blockage, High-Pressure Drain Cleaning removes the blockage from the inner wall of the pipe, returning it back to its original diameter. High-Pressure Drain Cleaning is ideal for:

  • Roots - Root systems will always look for water, even if it means getting into your sewer lines. Once a root system has taken hold of your sewer line, immediate action must be taken.
  • Grease - These types of blockages typically occur over 25 feet into the sewer line where grease settles out as water temperatures cool passing through a drain.
  • Non-water-soluble items - Diapers, paper towels, and other non-soluble items can also cause blockages in your sewer line.
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